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Crystal-clear audio that ensures every word and note is heard perfectly, providing an exceptional auditory experience for your audience.



Enhance your event with captivating visuals that engage your audience and create unforgettable experiences.



Transform your event with dynamic lighting designs that enhance the atmosphere and captivate your audience.



Stunning scenic setups that elevate the visual appeal of your event, immersing your audience in a captivating environment.

Payton Production Group is a leading provider of audio-visual, lighting, and scenic services. We strive to bring together the most skilled professionals in the industry to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients. We take our clients' ideas and turn them into reality through the innovative use of cutting-edge technology and our team's expert creativity. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering unparalleled results make us the go-to provider for all your event production needs.

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Musial Award Logo

The Musial Awards, are the most important awards in sports.

Named for Baseball Hall of Famer Stan Musial, the Musial Awards recognize the year’s greatest moments of sportsmanship and honor those in sports who embody class and character.


The nationally televised event takes place annually the Saturday before Thanksgiving at Stifel Theatre in Downtown St. Louis.  In addition to keeping Stan The Man’s legacy alive, the mission of the Musial Awards is to encourage kindness, integrity, and civility in sports and society – and to inspire people across the nation to be good sports.


Payton Production Group partners with The St Louis Sports Commission, Creative Producers Group, and Al Roker Entertainment to bring the creative concepts to life.   It has quickly become one of our favorite events to be a part of each year.  Look for it on Christmas Day on CBS!

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